¡Ya los tenemos aquí! Os presentamos los 10 mejores anuncios de la Super Bowl 2012

Un año más, los anuncios de la Super Bowl entran pisando fuerte y marcan las tendencias publicitarias para este año. No os perdáis los 10 mejores anuncios que sorprendieron ayer en el pase publicitario con más audiencia del mundo.

Superbowl-commercials nos deja una buenísima selección de los 10 mejores anuncios que sorprendieron ayer en el pase publicitario con más audiencia del mundo. Estos anuncios son también los más caros y solo grandes marcas pueden acceder a estos pases. Mucha producción cinematográfica, actores y modelos conocidos, animales, bebes y humor fueron los ingredientes explosivos que más protagonismo tuvieron. Los anunciantes fueron sobre todo marcas de coches, como este número uno de Chrysler protagonizado por Clint Eastwood. ¡Dignos de ver! 

Now that you’ve had a chance to see them all and laugh, cry, or completely ignore them, it’s time for us to recap our picks for the top ten spots in this year’s game. There were a few standouts, a couple dozen that were mediocre, and a whole lot of chaff we wish we could unsee.


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10. Thing Called Love – Samsung Mobile USA

This one started strong then kind of fell apart, but we think there’s a brilliant 30-second lift in there. Here’s the full monty:

9. The Dog Strikes Back – Volkswagen

We wouldn’t have put this on the list for its concept alone, but a licensed Star Wars reference will get you far. This wasn’t the best, but it at least deserves to be in the top ten, right?

8. Performance Basketball – Bridgestone

These spots were both real sleepers, but we had to give the top-ten slot to this one for the silent basketball bit. The “sleeping baby” test is pure gold. We hope people watched these, they might be the most under-appreciated spots of the game.

7. Happy Grad – Chevy

The most remarkable thing about this spot is that it was a contest entry, and therefor we presume was made with no budget to speak of whatsoever. Hope those actors had decent contracts in place in case of air-play! Probably the straight-up funniest spot of the game.

6. Reinvented – Toyota Camry

Funny spot, though there’s no real content to it as far as what they reinvented on the Camry. It seems like all they did is reinvent the Camry’s marketing effort, which is fine by us today since this is a Super Bowl commercial blog.

5. A Dream Car. For Real Life – Kia Optima

We’re not sure anyone would call an Optima a “dream car”, but this was certainly a dream commercial. The only reason this doesn’t rank higher on our list is because there’s not enough Adriana Lima.

4. 2012 – Chevy Silverado

End-of-the-world references mixed with jabs at your competition… what’s not to like here? It’s a funny spot, but the photography and overall look and feel of the ad is amazing.

3. Transactions – Acura

Better known as “that one with Jerry Seinfeld”, we feel pretty confident that Seinfeld’s salary for this exceeded the rest of the budget, including airtime, combined. It’s witty and intelligent, with the only wart being having to look at Leno’s face at the end. Could have ended it better.

2. Matthew’s Day Off – Honda

This is a tough one: there is probably a sizable chunk of the viewing audience that will not understand most of the references in this spot. And if you don’t understand the references, this commercial is meaningless-slash-terrible. Too bad because for us, today, it’s the number two commercial and an ad to remember.

1. It’s Halftime in America – Chrysler

You had to know this would be number one, right? It’s a two-minute tribute to America, with Clint Eastwood as our gristled cheerleader. It’s a great speech with even better delivery, and the closing lines at the end are inspiring.