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TEDxPlazaCibeles 2012

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What's about TEDPlazaCibeles?

TEDxPlazaCibeles is an ideal platform for exceptional individuals who have in common the desire to raise awareness of the various problems of modern society, promoting reflection, challenge paradigms and adding value to the community, while sharing knowledge in an interactive and enjoyable way.


After its first edition, TEDxPlazaCibeles plans to be held annually in Madrid, supported by the TED Organization and sponsored by public organizations, private companies, business schools and NGOS committed to the various current social problems and who seek through innovation, awareness and dissemination of great ideas, a viable path to development and responsible growth.


In TEDxPlazaCibeles we firmly believe in spreading powerful ideas that feed the human mind, to change the world with a dynamic, young and ambitious perspective and with a strong social commitment.

The target audience for TEDxPlazaCibeles is passionate for ideas that break paradigms, people who are not afraid to confront new concepts and implement core values of human beings, in pursuit of a sustainable path that builds its way in the midst of a society that grows and evolves faster than its own capacity for reflection.


We definitely look for someone that feels the world and finds in the diversity and difference of thought, a growth opportunity, a rewarding experience.


Our philosophy drives us to host an event that becomes a reference platform to bring together in one place great people with wide international recognition and local individuals, unknown and bright, who have something to say, a great idea worth spreading or a vision that will help to change the world.


What makes TEDxPlazaCibeles different is the continuous search to promote universal values of diversity, tolerance, respect for difference and free thought, in favor of multiple synergies that promote positive change in society. From this space, the bet is for a continuous improvement, a commitment to quality and excellence, become difference makers in the community to which we belong and to disseminate to the world ideas for a change we deem necessary.



  • Tony Chen
  • Maickel Melamed
  • Simran Sethi
  • Nikhil Goyal
  • Juan Verde
  • Nuria Pérez Paredes
  • Beatriz Lara
  • Evans Wadongo
  • Finn Kydland
  • Juan Jiménez Rocabert
  • Marcelo Girone Daloli
  • Catalina Hoffman
Since not all is formal talks, as part of TED’s goal, the “E” on TED stands for entertainment.
  • Paupac azul: 

We are into site specific actions. We are not a video artist. We are not a music group. We are not a poet. We are not a performance artist, now that it is again “so” very cool. We are neither a photographer, nor a writer either. We are not your typical artistic collective. But we use all of that, we use everything you can imagine to tell stories. WE ARE to tell stories. Stories that could change the world: If you listen.


  • Mentalista Luxor:
Javier Luxor is a creative mentalist, MC speaker and stage hypnotist. Considered one of the best business oriented mentalists and recently awarded with two Mentalism National Prizes (2008 and 2011) Javier Luxor excites and entertains guests with impressive demonstrations of mental skills, intuition and humor. He has great knowledge of the business environment, having worked for several major companies in the country.
  • B Vocal:
The group b vocal has been working for the last fifteen years in a surprising and innovative style: using just their voices, these five Aragonese musicians are able to recreate the soundscape of any musical piece (drums, guitars, brass, rhythm, etc.). With their entertaining shows, they have managed to popularize a cappella as a musical style in Spain through a perfect combination of songs and humour and a repertory of high quality music from both national and international sources.
  • Wosap Crew:
WOSAP Crew comes from a group of true professional dancers who want to share and express their love for dancing. Every member of the crew is unique in his way to be and dance. They are a modern dancing crew who amaze in their shows with creativity, passion, art and humor.